Introducing Regional On Call (ROC)

“On Call” making you “On Edge”?


What are some of the issues faced with running a department that needs 24/7 staff coverage? Is it difficult to recruit and retain staff? Is staff morale low due to the many hours of call that staff are required to cover when working in the Heart and Vascular Lab?


The answer to these questions and more is a resounding YES!!


Several Cardiovascular programs have closed within the previous three years leading to a shortage of credentialed, skilled and qualified cardiovascular invasive technologists.  In addition, according to Nursing Solutions, Inc 2017 National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report 25.6% of Allied Healthcare Professionals leave their position in the first year of employment.

The nursing shortage is evident as demand for nurses is much higher than the current supply. According to The American Organization of Nurse Executives the cost of replacing just one specialty care RN is $64,000 to $85,197 and the cost of direct recruitment is $10,000 each time a nurse position turns over. Also, the average time to recruit an experienced RN is 55 to 119 days according to Nursing Solutions, Inc.

While working in the Heart and Vascular Lab environment is very rewarding, the time commitment of call may prevent highly skilled employees from either working in the field or staying in the field long term.


The Healthworks ROC program provides Administrators and Cardiovascular Service Line Managers with a solution to these issues by providing credentialed, highly qualified Associates for “on-call” assignments. Employing the Healthworks ROC strategy allows the fulltime facility staff to take less days of call per month and alleviates the issue of low morale from over-utilization of the call team.

The ROC service line employs a team of credentialed, highly qualified and skilled Nurses and Technologist available to cover call shifts at a client facility as needed for either a short-term or long-term assignment. *

  • Staff are skilled in scrub, circulator, and monitor roles

  • Staff are available 7 days a week

  • Staff are assigned to call by region of work




Healthworks Associates:

  • are experienced & credentialed

  • provide skilled, high-quality patient care

  • have a built-in reputation with area physicians

  • demonstrate a higher yield & productivity

  • provide coverage for call outs



Utilization of ROC

  • Emergent call coverage

  • Scheduled call coverage

  • Temporary coverage while recruiting and training new hires

  • Coverage for late cases, add-ons

  • Precepting & Cross training of new hires


Benefits of ROC

  • Avoid ER divert due to lack of staff to take call

  • Increased staff efficiency

  • No training or education costs

  • Less days of scheduled call for facility staff leading to:

    • Increased staff morale

    • Increased job satisfaction

    • Employee retention



*Hotel fees may apply

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